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  1. I want to know do you build a programme that lets the user actually code? for example openquant and rightedge provide a panel where you code your strategy in c# or VBA so if want to build a application like this which gives direct code access to the user what do I need?

    for any application what software/component do you need to give access to the code for the user? i.e. a code editor which the programme executes

    I just want to have an idea of how these programms are put together. is there like a general application out there that lets you easily build them (e.g. eclipse?) because they all look so similar. openquant, rightedge, streambase and others. how do you build these IDEs?

    I really appreciate if you can help, thanks
  2. The .NET framework has a redistributable that comes with a compiler. These programs probably just expose a front end to the compiler and then dump the compiler output to a status window the same way visual studio does. Once the output is generated, it's a matter of loading the dynamic library.

    ... As for how they do those smooth looking GUI snap-ins and code editors, I don't know. Perhaps some Win32 Guru can answer that one, but I'm guessing some slick COM component somewhere.
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    Yeah, there are analogies to the Eclipse RCP.

    For .NET a lot of these IDEs tend to use Quantum Whale Editor.NET (http://qwhale.net/products/editor/) as a starting point to build the IDE around.
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    You can also have a look at the source code for SharpDevelop IDE and others (http://sourceforge.net/projects/sharpdevelop/) and reuse the IDE framework code....