net point capture

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by btowntrader54, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. What is considered a solid net point capture per contract per day? I'm going to trade YM exclusively to get accustomed.
  2. Piece of advice, dont worry about trading metrics such as what you are asking UNTIL you have already shown consistent profitability on your own. Then, once you do that, its all about refining your trading to increase total points gained.

    Its like asking what is a good amount of points per game to average in basketball before you've ever even played the game. Seems silly right?

    Also, it does no good to hear what other people make who know how to trade because its highly likely you will then shoot to make that amount of points rather than actually learning to trade the way that best suits your personality. Remember, everyone is different.
  3. Solid advice, Cocaine, and I will heed it.
  4. it's also not meaningful to talk about point goals without talking about how much you are willing to RISK to get those goals.

    professional traders limit risk, manage risk, and understand risk.

    they realize that profit potential is unlimited, but (slippage aside), they KNOW what their risk is to the tick
  5. another question if you all don't mind:

    this may again be a personal decision but is it more consistent to predict reversals or ride the current wave?