Net Perfection - On the Internet everyone is a star...

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  1. I have learned from reading message boards on the internet that everyone is usually a star:

    - On investing/trading forums, everyone is rich and worth billions. Everyone is a perfect trader with a paid-for house and has a profitable day everyday. They hang around with the Elite of society...the winners. Some of the traders have worked for Paul Tudor Jones himself. They spend countless hours of time posting on the board to share their wisdom. That is fortunate for us, because they could be doing a lot of other things, however, they decided to grace us with their presence.

    - On golf forums, everyone is a pro. Everyone personally knows Tiger Woods and other great golf legends. Everyone has played on courses around the globe.

    - On Entertainment type forums, everyone knows the biggest movie stars personally. They had dinner with them the other day...

    Need I go on?

    When people get on the internet with an anonymous alias, they have no real accountability and can be whoever they want to be. They can release themselves from their common life at home and become that person who they have always fantasized on being...

    The bottomline is these trading forums are filled with the following types of characters:

    - the suckers - those who read the forums sometimes participating and thinking they are getting an "education"

    - the fakers - those who outright lie about their real lives and draw up some type of alternate reality for themselves. They tell you they have had months of profitable days...they tell you they worked for Paul Tudor Jones and whatever other crap they can dream up.

    - the hacks, confidence men and touts - these are the ones who are trying to sell you some type of service. I need no explanation about these guys.

    As for the really profitable traders, they are not going to bother themselves with this or any other forum. They have more important things to do then sit on a message board and try to give us an "education".

  2. Call CNN, you have uncovered a shocking news story.
  3. Which one(s) are you? :confused:

  4. Let's apply your own premise to yourself ....


    you come up way less than dead in real life. Now bugger off, ghost.
  5. Thanks for the education.
  6. LOL


  7. I must be out of place then as I got losing trades all the time and live a modest lifestyle.


  8. Its been a long time since you gave any of the stars some free fishes. What's wrong?

    Reminding you that you stopped at Vitamin D the last time.

    Should we take some E or just jump to K? :)