Net China stocks goes bust...

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  1. As confirmed through today, I believe that the three net China darlings, SOHU, SINA, and NTES are going to collapse v. soon, and projects for a nice shorting/selling opportunity.


    3 Reasons:

    1) Momentum breakdown: each stock is off its highs of the past few months and there is no underlying support.

    2) Excessive PEs (market cap): SOHU: 176.7 (931 M$), SINA: n/a (770 M$), NTES: 92.3 (915 M$)

    3) Unsustainable prices: During the past month each stock had been well above its 250 SMA by more than 2 standard deviations.

    Ex: SOHU was above its 250 SMA by at least FOUR standard deviations on each day through June 10 to 17. (i.e., the 250 SMA was between ~7.50-8.00, while the closing price was above 30 in each case).

    Now, for my near term price targets (an approximation):

    SOHU: $10-12
    SINA: $8-9
    NTES: $14-16

  2. Ironic... I just bought some shares of NTES today at $29 toward the end of the day.

    It is only 4 days from its high and made a nice bounce out of the low 28.30 range.

    I'll see what it does tomorrow.... Hopefully you won't be right until after then.
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  5. Dive, Dive, Dive! :eek:
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    look top out
  8. Please elucidate by "Bat" indicator.
  9. Interesting that you should mention the Chinese dot coms. I just recently unloaded SOHU last Friday for a nice 126% gain and NTES for a 63% gain. It was great ride while it lasted. :)
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