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  1. Hi, I'm building my own back-testing application in .NET (C#).

    I need the facility to display market prices (and equity curves, etc) so that I can eyeball entries and exits, etc.

    There are numerous .NET charting components on the market, and many of them have the facility to display financial data (bars, candlesticks, etc). I was wondering if anybody out there had actually used any of these components and could recommend them or not?

    I particularly want the ability to display market prices with my own additional arrows and lines to define entry/exit points and stop-loss levels, etc. I realise that this feature request may be a bit of a tall order, but maybe somebody out there has done something similar?

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    you could try:

    StockChartX from ModulusFe.
    It's actually an ActiveX control but you can use it in .net. It looks
    like it has alot of drawing and ta functionality.

    Steema's TeeCharts is a native .net control written in csharp.

  3. Steema. Been using since v4. Good stuff. Good support. Online NG too!

  4. Thanks for the feedback guys. I've had very similar feedback on another group so it looks like Teechart is the way to go!

    Thanks again
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    I have used the Modulus chart control but was not very impressed. It needed a lot of additional code just to get it to do basic charting and the active-x interface is very slow and CPU hungry.

    Have not used the Steema component but it is probably better a better solution.

    Still think there is a gap in the market for a really good .net charting control that is just dedicated to trading charts.