.net based OEC,AT,T4 &

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  1. ssss


    Lotus sended promoution for 14 days demo

    Not another as CTS t4 dubbed Lotus .

    All that - Openecry ,T4 ,Infinity(TA,PA &) AT today are .net
    based .

    By downloading today catched virus ... Not surprize
    as package was 45 mb

    Exist today any platform with single click DOME without
    .net ?

    As trademaven .This is some 5 mb and need not .net ,but
    last comment on ET was ,that have had multiple problem with PATS

    Your respectfully
  2. The broker's software was the reason for your virus?

    I find that hard to believe. Don't know too many brokers in the biz of passing along a virus in order to get you trade with them...

    Perhaps it was some of 'those' websites you were visiting while installing the software...
  3. ssss


    Dear Sir

    Author tested more as 15 future platforms and lot of another platforms

    high volume of downloading - high chance to catch problem

    It is from author experience and from theory ...

    All this online retail plataform in most of the case only msft based ,which is essentialy not stable in any version

    TOS as example offered multiple unix based options platform
    This is good/very good but rule essentialy the same ,lower
    volume of downloading - high stability

    Simple html version of www.mgforex.com is very stable .
    Clear have limited fucionality