Nero Fiddled, Bush "boogies."

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  1. Proof that Bush Derangement Syndrome has reached pandemic proportions. If Bush resigned tomorrow, the kooks on huffington and kos would be outraged that he didn't also apologize for slavery.
  2. We agree about Bush's derangement, however, if Bush did resign, the focus would not be on would go straight to Cheney, without passing Go...

  3. No, youhave it wrong. BDS is what has infected most of the media , liberals and idiots like Rosie.
  4. Simply amazing.

    You can turn a thread about the stupidity of Bush dancing, into an attack on the media, liberals, Rosie, etc.

    What a freaking dittohead.

  5. I understand. For sufferers of Bush Derangement Syndrome, it is all Bush all the time. It rains, it's Bush's fault. He consumes you 24/7. At least you're not in the kind of shape Keith Olbermann is. The poor man not only has a highly advanced case of BDS but also is suffering from a less common disease, O'Reilly Derangement Syndrome.
  6. I think I got it figured out.

    You dance like Bush...and think Elaine on Seinfeld was a great dancer...

  7. Still feeling left out because you weren't in a fraternity? I suppose that is one of the underlying triggers for BDS, deep-seated feelings of inferiority and envy. Just try to accept that this mortal life is not always fair.
  8. So you are another republiklan who has no rhythm and dances like a stiff white guy, deal with it, please....

  9. As opposed to you Z, who moves on the dance floor with such grace & rhythm the women come running.
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