NERDS on Wall St.

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  1. Started work again downtown recently, hadn't been here in 4 years or so. Has anyone in NY noticed the HUGE influx of nerd culture down here from traders, to analysts, to PM's. Go to a local bar off Wall, they're ordering cosmo's and fruity cocktails. Amazing how so many pussies could be making $ off their HFT programs. I believe it's time for a big backlash and a big collective WEDGIE
  2. Brass


    They don't seem to be the ones who are walking funny.
  3. I guess someone is not secure enough in their own skin...
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    Lights wants to go back into the pits with the new breed and bang some heads. lol. :p
  5. I have an idea. Let's make some exchanges allow fist fights where whoever wins gets to post the bid and the ask. Call it MMFightClub, prime time on TV.

  6. Who cares....
  7. The new generation

    "and in their mouths is where all their balls meet"

  8. You sound like an intelligent "gentle"man.

    Gonna be Lights out for you soon.
  9. Haha..I know you are just messing around and it is pretty funny. But on a more serious note, this is a big part of the problem with American culture and why I believe Asia will surpass the west in the long run.

    Unfortunately, it is and always has been uncool to be a nerd in this country. In Asia, there is a culture of valuing education and hard work. Here in schools kids feel that it is unhip to value your studies. Even adults believe there is something inherently valuable in being some sort of tough guy.

    We will see which set of belief systems creates more economic prosperity in the long run.
  10. This has nothing to do with hard work and intelligence. Wall St had plenty of that in the past. We live in an era where things are ENGINEERED. hence, the influx of engineers downtown
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