Nepolatano Won't Answer To Congress On 1.6 Billion Ammo Purchase

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Mar 21, 2013.

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    Congressman's comment starts at about 1:15 into video.

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  2. The 1.6 Billion Ammo Purchase is no big deal imo.Follow the laws passed by our democratically elected government and there will be no problems
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    You're too trusting of the government's intentions, AK.

    It's troubling considering it's been reported that the military used about 70 million rounds per year in Iraq. Even if you use some reports of 10 times that many rounds per year as training increased, a 1.6 billion round stockpile for a civilian agency is very troubling and Congress should find out what is going on.
  4. fat ass - fat finger.

    I'm sure it's a mistake.:cool:
  5. Yea whoever placed the order probably just hit an extra 0 on the quantity in their shopping cart haha
  6. Yeah because historically that's always worked out well for everybody* involved. Don't worry about the fine print below.

    * applies to humans only, not vermin.
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    Well, now that they have the ammo and the armored vehicles anyway they might as well use them and round some people up and put them in camps. Since liberals are currently in charge who should they round up for starters? :mad:

  8. Republicans, Libertarians... anyone who says, "Down with Odumbo, Pelosi, Reid, Liberalism, Parasite-ism"... you know those folks.

    Shoot... they might not even bother with FEMA camps... might just round up the dissidents, have them dig their own mass graves, then put a bullet in their head... just like the Nazis did to the Jews...

    150 Million bullets would be enough for all of that. Can't imagine why 1.6 Billion bullets would be the desired ammo cache for anything... ??
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    And AK is probably here taking names for Odumbo. :D
  10. Now that was funny :D
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