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    Does anyone have experience using Neovest? If so what are your thoughts and what is the cost?
  2. I have about a year's experience with Neovest's First Alert product, the so-called 'fat' client where the data was maintained on a local server or machine.

    First Alert had a few quirks, but it's the best intraday scanner I've ever seen. If you can dream it up and simplify it to a few arithmetic equations or chart conditions it can scan for it in real time. It also had some very neat sector features if you're a hot sector player.

    However, the product is expensive, and that jumping from one stock to another in rapid fashion wasn't my style. The data maintenance can be a chore. The 'thin' client is supposed to eliminate that headache, but I think you might sacrifice the ability to do custom filters.

    For example, one filter I had good luck with was one that would take the volume in the first 15 minutes (or 30 - you set it up), project it out over the day and compare to the average for the week/month/quarter. This identified the stocks with a lot of activity early. I had some success with that one.

    First Alert was very good. The trader (me) was the weak link in my personal experience with the software.