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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by hans130, Jun 16, 2002.

  1. hans130


    I need some info or experience from user's of Neovest IdeaLink. How is their charting system? How is it compared to Nextrend or RealTick? Is it worth switching from Nextrend to Neovest IdeaLink Charts?

  2. Just fwiw, I found Realtick to be much better than nextrend for charting and analytics. You get what you pay for.
  3. Bryan Roberts

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    don't even bother. the problem is the data is the worst!!!!
  4. JK9


    Agreed. Neovests internet data feed constantly suffers from delayed and missed ticks. And IdeaLinks canned filters are virtually worthless. Unfortunately their aren't any decent alternatives for customizable online filtering. Insight is too expensive for what you get and Stockwatch Pro is nothing but bugs.
  5. cas


    I have been along time user of FirstAlert(FAT client), and am close to switching to their new THIN client that all of the data is maintained on their servers. This is something completely different than the idealink, and I'm not sure, but probably costs more $'s monthly. It has a huge list of "remote" filters, that run on their server, plus you have the full tick-by-tick filters on the remote input groups if you desire to customize it more. They just recently (week or so ago) switched the data source to the Savvis network...and the data has been fast and reliable so far. It is not prefect...still has a few little annoying MMer issues at times..but the L1 quotes have matched my Cyber feed dead-on.

    I have friends who have used Real-Tick for along time..and after seeing how they could setup the charts and live trendlines, they are probably going to switch..because you get the added features of real-time filters for about the same cost as Real-Tick. I'm not sure of the status on it..might want to ask them about it.

  6. hans130


    What is the price for IdeaLink? I cannot find it on their website!