Neovest.. Has anyone tried it? Opinions

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by ssuits, Jun 8, 2002.

  1. ssuits


    Tell me about NeoVest pros and cons?
  2. neoadam


    The pros and cons of Neovest depend on if you have used First Alert or not.
    All historical and intraday data stored and maintained by Neovest: All of the chart and price data is maintained by Neovest so you just log on and se what you need to see.

    Huge library of Remote filters:Remote just means the filtering is done on the universe of stocks by Neovest servers. You just see the results. Descritptions of these filters are now available.

    Abilty to create Custom real time filters and alerts:These filters can be run on your own custom group of stocks or on one of the remote filtered groups. Alerts can be set on price data (Highs, Lows, ect.) or you can write a custom alert formula.

    Real time data feed: Because of the new way Neovest sends their data, they use less bandwith than the previous internet feed. It is almost a third less and more trouble free.

    Available oderentry: Neovest now allows you to route orders through thier trading firm, Neovest Trading. This allows you to have all of your software for trading in one application

    You can't filter on the universe of symbols on your machine: This is where prior experience with FirstAlert comes in. With FirstAlert you were able to run a filter on the entire New York Stock Echange or the the entire Nasdaq but with then new Neovest you can only filter on the remote filter groups, but with almost 200 to choose from and the ability to make your own groups you may not need the larger groups. It all depends on your trading style.
    No study fields: Again this means little or nothing if you are not familiar with FirstAlert. This feature allows for more advanced filter option but it is also more taxing on your machine.

    Limited number of user fields: User fields are things like Previous days high or low, 52 week high, 20 day average volume. They are going to increase the number in the future but Neovest does not have as many as FirstAlert
  3. viking30


    I've requested a couple of filters back in May .
    1 week% gainers , 2 weeks % gainers , 1 month % g. and 3 m. % g. According to the support's information
    there was no more place on your servers . Any chance you get more servers soon ?