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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by felichka, Jun 18, 2002.

  1. Anybody who can help !!!

    For the last 5 months Neovest's Quote Window has been a constant source of frustration to me. The main problem is that the quotes get delayed or Bid and Bid Size just stop updating. The technical guy from Neovest lives in our office, he is fixing the server, upgrading and updating something but I have a suspicion that he himself does not know why it happens. I am very close to give up on this system. All tech people keep saying that we do not have any problems with our connection or hardware etc.
    Does anybody have the same experience with Neovest - FirstAlert ?
    Anybody knows Quote Service with the same feature as Neovest has. That is the ability to put on a Quote Window number of stocks and be able to see streaming 4 last trading sizes with prices. Something like this:

    GM Bid 35 3 X 100 Ask 35.08 15_35.04, 8_35.03, 35_35.06, 2_35.07

    Thank you for any help.
  2. Now I see. Not too many people use Neovest - First Alert. If out of more than thousand people on this board I am the only one who is using it the company must be in trouble.
  3. I use it..and havent had that delay problem in 3 years. And Ive used both Internet version and in-office version. I do admit FA is a real pain in the ass for maintencace of data.

    Why dont you try the internet version? Or..try a Ping Plotter to see if you're getting good net connection. If you rount trip is over 100ms, you wont get good data. Too slow.
  4. i did use it. very complicated and seemed to be a resource hog. i actually bought their first product (Master Chartist), that was a long time ago...
  5. Thank you for your input !!!
    The tech guy from Neovest says it may be related to data feed provider, Comstock.