Neovest bought by JP Morgan

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by IGolf, Jun 23, 2005.

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    Is First Alert still available? I remember reading many problems with the thin client datafeed. Were these ever resolved?
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    I think you may be a bit on the highside (price paid I mean)
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    I am not positive on the number just what I heard from a buddy so I could be wrong.
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    Interesting...seems trading technology is a hot commodity.

    Bear Stearns published a decent review and analysis (Aug 04) on the Financial Technology market and its players.

    Worth a read (imo) for anyone in that space.

    RushTrade was mentioned, which is probably why I found it at their site, lol
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    A little old but a good read
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    Mostly, these sell-side firms are fighting to keep the execution business any way that they can because the Buy-Side is increasing internalizing trading departments.

    Another example, BofA bought DASoft, which - as we all know - is a marginal, but reliable Trading platform that everyone and thier uncle 'rebrands' as as their own system. BofA then throws it at potential and existing Prime Brokerage customers as their DMA solution to keep execution in house.

    I was talking to a guy who is setting up a big hedge fund (long/short, long term) and he was talking about REDI, DASoft, Sterling, and (in my mind-of course) I was chuckling. 1,000's of traders have used these programs at bucket shops for years to burn and churn, and here some Billion + hedge fund is asking if I am familiar with these.
  9. Tradestation probably gets taken out next.
  10. Taken out and what, shot?

    You ever try to program something in EasyLanguage?
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