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  1. Hello all, I have a few questions regarding this product. Any and all information will be appreciated. I use IB as a broker. A few months ago I spoke with tickquest and they did not recommend using IB as the data feed because of the lack of backfill. I know now that the IB backfill is up to 6mo. Is anyone using this combination? If so would you recommend it? I also know you can subscribe to DTN market access for 12mo for backfill purposes (at least for investor RT). Does anyone use DTN for backfill or another source? I would like to use IB as my data provider if possible because it would be nice to only mess with one feed. I am open to other options including esignal or DTN satellite if neccessary. I have never seen a reference of anyone using DTN satellite though on the boards, but it is a recommended vendor and thus I assume pretty decent.

    I trade at night so good Eurex connectivity is most important, followed by the the US markets.

    Any info from the neoticker fans would be very appreciated. I am suprised I see so little mention of this product. Happy Trading all.

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    Do a search, there is a current long neoticker thread.
  3. Our current development on the IB feed -

    1. We have a new order interface in the works that fully integrate the real time streaming and order placement of IB with NeoTicker. That should be made available at the same time as the next NeoTicker 4.1 beta.

    2. We will not support the historical data backfill from IB because they have not fully stablize that API in this area. Since NeoTicker automatically collect the data for you anyway the historical backfill from IB is not really important.

    3. Instead, we will provide our own backfill for a selected set of indices, futures, and forex data. These data will be made available to MB Trading clients too. For symbols not available in our server, it will be requested from's LiveChart demo account. (You can subscribe to LiveChart to get better backfill response.)

    I have been the tester on this interface for the past week using a real trading account to ensure the correctness of the new interface. I am very happy with the new interface as I can totally forget about the TWS program these couple of days :)

    As I am the in-house expert user who provides feedback to the programming team, I think I already cleaned out many issues related to the new IB order interface and that should make it much more usable for all users.

    p.s. I have not been scalping in front of the monitors for quite some time already. It brings back a lot of memories :)
  4. Thank for response Lawrence. I do not need any order interface just my own quote sheets and the charts. I saw a few packages of live chart and was wondering which i need for backfill only? I assume on the basic real time version.

    When you say Neoticker will collect the data for you I assume you mean going forward.

    What symbols do you provide your own backfill for on the Eurex, if any? ie. bund, schatz, dax, euro stoxx.

    What feed would you recommend if not using IB? esignal, iqfeed or dtn satellite? If satellite will the latency be an issue?

    Thank you for all your assistance. It is very helpful.

    I am getting a headache just staring at the screen as we speak.

  5. NeoTicker can use LiveChart's demo account, which is delayed by the exchange requirements. It is not perfect but it is free.

    If you subscribe to the basic LiveCharts plan, it is still delayed but you are much more likely to get the backfill bars (about 500).

    With the LiveChart subscription, you can activate specific exchange for real-time data, then the backfill is upto the time you requested the data.

    NeoTicker auto collect tick/minute/daily data for the brokerage feeds when you use a symbol. Data is accumulated in your computer.

    So going forward you will be able to chart longer term charts.

    In the beginning we can only provide data for US indices, index futures and forex as we have located various free sources on the net (like LiveChart demo, exchange end-of-day time and sales report, etc.).

    For end-of-day usage, we can get our users about a month of minute and tick data. And as much daily data as we can get. That is very useful if you like to use our Simulation Server to practice trading.

    For intraday usage, the available free sources are more limited thus we can only get the users delayed minute data.

    As we locate more free sources on the net, we will be able to consolidate them.

    Backfill is designed to provide just a form of convenience. Thus it will always be just a limited set of symbols that are most widely used by our clients.

    Different feed fits different needs. You can contact our sales to discuss your usage expectation so that they can give you a better recommendation.

    You are welcome.