NeoTicker with EFX/MB Trading

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by thetrendfollowe, Dec 31, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    Im looking for a software to develop a system that can be autotraded through an ECN broker.

    I have heard NeoTicker hooks up to EFX group for this purpose.

    Can anybody here share their experiences?

  2. 1358june


    I don't auto trade but if you're a good programmer NT/EFX is supposed to be dependable now with recent software updates by both EFX and NT.

    Their forum is for owners/leasers only and even then your posts are delayed a day until you have 10 posts and are a proven non-spammer:

    Bruce DeVault is a private trader/system developer who is extremely active on the forum and would probably be happy to answer some of your questions. Tell him your system parameters and he'll give you a price for him to write it. He's mastered all aspects of Neoticker and auto trading.
  3. Thanks for your response.
    I have sent Bruce an email.
  4. I highly recommend Bruce as well. Knows his stuff, is a gentleman and is easy to work with. If you can express it, he can code it.