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    This one of *those* questions, but searching the forums didn't turn up direct comparisons, thus:

    Relative strengths and weakness of NeoTicker, Wealth-Lab, and MetaStock?

    (I didn't mention TradeStation because I'm not wild about being tied to TS for quotes and brokerage as well as platform/analysis, but maybe I'm wrong and it's great. Or if I'm unreasonably overlooking QT, or RealTick or anything else you're wildly into, let me know.)

    Does one or another stand out for historical charting, backtesting, realtime charting, alerts and scans, entering orders, programming your own formulae, &c. (I'm not suggesting one could be the best at all of the above, just laying out some of the criteria for evaluation.)

    Thanks in advance for your collective wisdom.
  2. I have been a NeoTicker user for nearly two years and am extremely happy with it. The only drawback is that the learning curve can take a little longer than others. However, knowing this, the power NT provides is endless. Their formula language is extremely powerful. You can use extrernal programming languages as well. There scanning solutions are flexible and extremely powerful. Backtesting (I am just getting into this) from what I understand is incredible. True mixed time frame testing. There is a lot of power under the hood, but this comes at the expense of the learning curve I mentioned. My suggestion is try out the demo they have available.

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    Thanks shadowpug, good advice.

    I have looked at the NeoTicker demo, but as you say, there is a bit of a learning curve up front, so I hadn't yet gotten a good sense of the app. On your advice I'll roll up my sleeves and dig in and see what I can make of it.
  4. I can not comment that much on NT, but I will surely try to help you with any question that comes up about WL. Basically WL has two main products. First one is the free web site, which give you the power to program and test systems on EOD data and test it on individual symbols or a portfolio of symbols, using simple MM strategies. The desktop version is much more powerful obviously and is giving you nearly unlimited development and testing power. The new V3 will have drag and drop programming and indicators. This features is helping especially beginners to develop a system in seconds and since the rules of the drag and drop are interactive expendable by the over 11,000 members of the web site, it will be quick to develop your own strategy. You might want to take a look at it at the Chicago show.
  5. Volker,

    Do we have a firm ETA for the launch of Wealth Lab 3 yet? It can't be too far off now.

  6. WL3 is going to be in debugging mode for a while, at least that's what I think as I'm developping a system that is very similar to WL and we're having a great deal of trouble making things work together in a streamlined and intelligent way.