NeoTicker vs. eSignal

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Hawker, Aug 25, 2003.

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    Probably this is a wasted Topic already , but I need as much info as I can get.
    I’m researching a software for trading strategies evaluation and backtesting. I’ve been doing it manually but I’m pretty sure that a software can help a lot easing the homework of strategy performance. Considering Neo Ticker and eSignal. I’m an eSignal data user but have not used its backtesting capabilities yet. The program language seems to be not so friendly, but I’m willing to learn it however I’ve take a look to Neo Ticker software and it calls my attention strongly.
    Thoughts from fellow traders using any of these welcome . Thx :)
  2. nkhoi


    support is cryptic but you may get help from other fellow user, sky is limit but learning curve is steep.
  3. JayF_eSignal

    JayF_eSignal eSignal

    I would like to mention that we are working on creating an easier and more powerful Forumla Wizard, so that code can be created without knowing how to code in EFS (eSignal Formula Script). We hope to have something in place by year's end.
  4. Hawker


    Thx JayF.
    That will be great for users with no script language programming background as myself. I'm comfortable with eSignal data feed and charts however strategy backtesting is kind of tough . Looking forward for those enhancements regarding a more friendly language programming.
  5. I tried neoticker but I quickly ran out of patience. It is steepest learner curive I have ever experienced. I finally got so irritated with how hard it was to do simple stuff, like open a new chart, put indicator on it and save it that I could not imagine spending more time to really learn it.

    Esignal java script is not as easy to use as Tradestation easy language. I wish Esignal would make there stuff as easy as tradestation.

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    I just realize I forgot to name which services I was reviewed, Tickquest.
  7. lhclin

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    NeoTicker is way more flexible than most charting apps.
    Some learning is expected. That's why we provide many

    Simple things like what you've mentioned are not
    hard to do at all. To illustrate my points:

    - Creating a chart is as simple as clicking on the new chart
    - You can add data by pressing space bar.
    - Then you can do all sorts of things by using the pop up menu,
    like adding an indicator and saving the chart.

    My guess is you evaluated a very early version of NeoTicker.
    Our formula language is way easier than any scripting/
    programming languages. Other than the most complex tasks,
    programming is simply not necessary with NeoTicker.

    Why not download a recent demo version and see if
    things have been changed for you:


  8. Hi,

    I sent to an private email to explain a better but, Louis, you can not click one time bring up chart, click for second time and add indicator, and click third to save chart, close chart and then click 4th time to open that chart up . The idea is of course is to set up a chart to save the format. In neoticker, to do what I did is a lot more involved. I can only imagine how hard it is to set up a strategy, backtest, etc.

  9. lhclin

    lhclin TickQuest


    The operations you described can be all be
    done by pressing buttons in NeoTicker.

    To re-use a particular setup, you can easily
    set up templates.

    As for strategy, I am not sure if Backtest EZ
    is available when you evaluated NeoTicker.
    With Backtest EZ, you do not have to write
    a whole program to create a trading system.
    All you need to do is specifying various entry/exit
    conditions, and the strategy will be created for
    you. See:

    Again, I think you were probably evaluating a
    really old version of NeoTicker. We put out
    significant number of improvements with each

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    Is there a way to get rid of the green and red bid-ask lines on eSignal's tick charts???
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