NeoTicker vs. Ensign charting

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by soho, Sep 25, 2002.

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    I have been looking for a charting package to use with eSignal's data. I am not impressed with the "new" eSignal and the advanced charts. I have been looking at NeoTicker and Ensign and was wondering what comments anyone might have. I trade the e-mini's and so scanning features are worthless to me.
  2. Been using Ensign for almost 2 yrs. IMO, it's an excellent program. Lot's of flexibility. Very stable program. Never crashes. Very good support. Usually several upgrades per week!

    If u have esignal activated download Ensign and I believe they give you a 30 day free trial to the entire program.
  3. why wouldn't u use a broker that offers all that in one complete software package?
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    I think it is all about having choices. Not every software package can do everything every trader wants. The two mentioned above, Neoticker and Ensign, have a very, very loyal following because each software firm is very responsive to the needs of each of its user's requests.

    The same goes for brokerage firms, some trade futures, some not, some trade international stocks, etc.

    eSignal supports many different software packages. A majority of these users actually run eSignal and the 3rd party package with a single account on one computer. Here is a list of the packages available: