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  1. Just wondering if any traders on here have had an opportunity to compare and contrast Neoticker and Quantdeveloper? I am trying to decide how to implement my strategies into an automated system and would love any input from those of you with experience handling these two softwares.
  2. imho, roll your own.
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    I own a NT license and purchased QuantDeveloper source code. Initially I started developing systems with NT but as soon as you develop rather complex systems I hit it's limitations. Coding VB IDL is a pain ;) It's certainly nice for visual R&D but imho not the best for fully automated systems. That's when I came across QD and I must say the feature richness, ease of development and performance are astounding. I can code in C# (the language that I'm most familiar with). The component model is great and it comes with a high performance object based database (QuantServer). Its speed might be topped by KX but I don't have 100k to spend for a database.
    You can certainly roll your own platform, however, QD developers have been working on this for a decade and the product has evolved from many stages. So, if you have enough time at your hands, sure build your own but if you'd rather focus on trading now instead of spending the next couple years developing a platform, you should consider QD.
  4. how much do QD want for their sourcecode?
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    depends on the terms... single developer license, site wide license, etc. Best is to ask them directly
  6. IF you are a programmer, especially who knows C# enough, QD is AAA system developing tool.
    This is still version1, but since the basement is so well done, we can expect much on coming plugin stuff.
  7. Just a comment. QuantDeveloper is based on QuantStudio framework, which has been under development since 1997, initially started as R-Quant open source project in c++. So that the core framework is version 4 but the strategy development IDE (QuantDeveloper) is version 1.0.86 currently :)

  8. Out of curiousity, what kind of systems are/were you developing and what type of limitations did you encounter? I use NeoTicker for all of my system design, development and physical implementation and honestly have found few limitations. My systems are all intra-day stock portfolio based systems, so maybe my needs are completely different than yours?


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    Most of my systems contain smoothed or modified data series, work with self organizing maps or other quantitative methods. Also, they all work on quote data rather than tick data.
  10. Next couple of years? Who are you kidding. You leave a strong impression of being on their payroll.

    btw, how much is platform again?
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