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    Well this is a first! Never before have I sent a message on a tread.

    I am in/from Australia, have been trading stocks (electronically) for a couple of years but keen on the US e-mini market.

    I am familiar moreso with technical analysis re charts and several indicators but have not ventured into systems thus far.

    In short I am looking for valued (critical opinions) on software that will let me realtime massage good charts, place prompt direct access orders, portfolio management and when proficient allow me to be able to backtest and develop systems.

    There is so much hype etc around Tradestation and some others that I find myself lost in information overload. I am cost conscious and would also appreciate thoughts on whether it is best to be web enabled type software or PC resident.

    My initial interest in an appraisal of Neoticker realtime vs Tradestation 7.1 and Prosuite 2000i.

    (PS: I have been using J-Traders simulation for a couple of weeks but find jumping back and forth to qcharts (delayed) a pain and would like a package that's does the order placement and other niceties together)
  2. A greatly simplified comparison,

    1. NeoTicker does not have order interface, you will need to have your own brokerage interface like IB TWS, etc. to place order.

    2. TS does not have N-seconds chart, nor ability to overlay time-based data (e.g. 1-min, 30-min) with tick based data (e.g. 1000-tick). NeoTicker can do both.

    3. NeoTicker can directly apply indicators onto indicators.

    4. NeoTicker's quote windows has multiple time frame formula capability.

    In short, NeoTicker has a lot more features designed for discretionary traders and about the same level of programmability in terms of customs indicators and trading systems. NeoTicker is designed for users who like to have their brokerage account, data feed, and analysis software separated.

    TS is more suitable for users who like all-in-one solution.
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    Chuck_T eSignal


    With eSignal 7.4 coming in July you will be able to track your own markets in Australia too with the eminis, we are adding:

    Australian Stock Exchange (ASX)
    Sydney Futures (SFE)
    New Zealand Futures (NZFE)
    New Zealand Stocks (NZSE)
    Singapore Stock Exchange (SES)
    Hong Kong Stocks (HKSE)
    Hong Kong Futures (HKFE)
    Hong Kong Metals Exchange (HKME)
    Italian Futures (IDEM)

    eSignal works with Neoticker as a datafeed. Works with IB, MB, Cybertrader, and OptionXpress as integrated brokerage partners - more coming soon in 7.4.

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    Thank you for responding, Neoticker does sound pretty good but am I replicating and paying for many features that will come automatically when signing up for a datafeed ie. esignal seems to have the charts, quotes etc and oder placement?

    Thanks again.

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    I downloaded the demo and have great difficulties to find a sample system (in fact I was not even able to open a chart :confused: ). Also how do I test a system on a portfolio? I was told that Neoticker is able to do that but I was unable to find it.
    Thank you.
  6. My question is why Tradestation never comment on
    their products, even they are one of sponsors?

    Do you have to pay extra to ET for giving a customer
    supports or making sugestions?
  7. I have posted the chart setup to the trading system I have written in the Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities magazine, 2003 Aug issue, in our website Forum area.

    Check it out.

    Do spend some time with the Help file, it has a lot of tutorials going through the basic features.

    Remember that NeoTicker is designed from the start by professional traders for serious day-in day-out trading. Thus its interface is designed around multiple monitors setup and can be different from classic end-user software.

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    This is quite true, it is pretty difficult to get used to the many windows being placed all over the monitor. :) I have good news, saw a chart just now. Here is a quote form your help -Add the indicator Backtest EZ. Here are the settings when you add it...-
    Where is the backtest EZ?

    Thank you for the emini system, but where is the system? Do I have to code this as well?


    Would you mind posting the system code (buy/sell) here?
    Where can I see a sample/article for the portfolio testing?
  9. The attachment of the thread message in our forum is a complete package file that can be imported into NeoTicker with the group and its window ready to go in a few clicks.

    I think it is time for you to post your questions on the NeoTicker group as it is getting more like support questions on how to use NeoTicker :)

    The emini system is described in details in the TASC article. It was written to show a very useful technique in improving system performance by data reduction.

    Will not repeat it here. If you like you can get the article at
  10. samaras


    As much as you want to get information away from here, could you just let me know how to do portfolio testing with money management? Do you offer that at all? I checked you web site and could not find any example article? I like this site because it seems that information can be exchanged without any interest of the participants on the forum.
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