NeoTicker Supporting Jurik Research High-End UT Indicators

Discussion in 'Events' started by Lawrence Chan, May 12, 2006.

  1. As of NeoTicker 4.10 Build 27, Jurik Research's UT Indicators are supported directly.

    Jurik Research has four UT indicators - JMA, VEL, RSX, DMX.

    These indicators have the advantage of using much less CPU while updated in real-time tick-by-tick, compare against the classic version counterparts.
  2. Licensing fees for using the Jurik indicators?
  3. Best money I ever spent!
  4. just21


    If only neoticker had IB backfill!
  5. You can find out the Jurik indicator pricing at their website.

    As I understand the standard DLL version has a one time purchase fee while the UT version has a yearly licensing fee.
  6. Neoticker is a good product from the demo I have tried, I will be a Neoticker customer in the future.
  7. JM - I give up on eSig's 'Advanced Charting' software package (still use their data feed) and i purchased NeoT am using it - it works fine and is more robust... so far i like it much better but have only been using it for a week...

    My CPU usage dropped down even though i added TWO more T&Sales for emini's for a total of three running at one time - when i had ONLY one with eSig it would top out my CPU and freeze my system...

    also NeoT has some nice features whereby you can create custom indexes and create custom ADD/DEC indicators on them or TRIN or VOLD and TICK... done even better thru their TICK16 methods... truer tick reading...

    But there is a real learning curve to it... and its not for the non-techie type... or for anyone who avoids reading manuals...




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  8. I had a look at the indicators a few years ago when I still tried to work with data smoothers, this stuff is marketing-hyped.

    There are open-sourced algorithms that come close or equal sometimes, if you are not a profitable trader, KEEP your MONEY, you won't be profitable with a JMA indicator either.
  9. jurik only grudingly provided screenshots of his stuff to me a few years ago when i politely called to express interest in the products. he was shockingly nasty on the phone.. beware

    i would imagine if anyone's trading needs smoothing to that degree, the free Tilson T3 will probably get you 99% (if not 110%) of the way there
  10. Glad you enjoy it.

    So you just purchased eSignal basic, and use the feed's you require?

    I really do like Neoticker, was considering paying for Neoticker and getting the DTN feed.

    I'll have to figure something out, but I really like Neoticker. It's complex, but worth it if you learn it like you said.
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