NeoTicker Supporting IB Historical Data

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by Lawrence Chan, May 25, 2006.

  1. We have just released IB Order Server 4.1.

    With this latest release, NeoTicker can obtain historical daily and minute data from Interactive Brokers.

    NeoTicker has build-in ability to collect real-time tick data from IB, thus making it possible for end users to collect and replay the collected tick data in simulation server.
  2. mktman



    In your opinion, when comparing the feeds from MB and IB, are they about equal and about equal in neoticker funtionality?

    If your using either as a data feed how symbols are you limited too for streaming data?

    Thx for th help.
    I promise not many more questions.
  3. just21


    Thanks for doing this. How do I get a free trial?
  4. Kick [fu*king] ass! I loved neoticker, but hated esignal.
  5. Visit our site to download the demo. Thats all it takes.

    Other questions are best answered through our forum or
  6. If you need tick level data - MB is the choice because they deliver real tick by tick data while IB is time polled updates.

    Features supported - the same for both in terms of real-time data. e.g. Level 2, Mkt Depth, etc.

    IB historical data are not as clean as we originally thought. Thus if you trade only a small set of symbols, like forex, or index futures, then I think our backfill data is better.

    We are still worrying about IB breaking their API suddenly again :(

    That being said, many of us here do have IB accounts for trading because MB is not available for Canadians.