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  1. Do some of you use Neoticker?
    I would like to know the difference between the version 2.95 and the latest version 4.

  2. :)
  3. I didn't know you posted the question here too when I was replying to your private message.

    It is Thanksgiving, I think most traders are off today :)

    So here it goes.

    NeoTicker 2.95 is at most half the size of the current NeoTicker 4.x.

    Unlike programs from the old days, where each major release having one or two features added, NeoTicker's feature set expanded at a very fast rate in all areas all the time. Thus it is very hard to say what the difference is.

    In short, NeoTicker 4.x is complete different from 2.95. Various powerful features you see listed in our website are new comparing to version 2.95.

    So how do we determine what features to add?

    1. client requests

    - usually on improvement in general usage and ui related issues

    2. research breakthroughs

    - when technological breakthrough in some area worked out, we will add those features to NeoTicker. Like the environment simulation using our simulation server, customized breadth calculation in real-time using quote formulas, etc.

    I hope this detail reply answered your question.