NeoTicker Price Increase by Nov 1, 2007

Discussion in 'Events' started by Lawrence Chan, Sep 22, 2007.

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  1. Due to weakness in US dollar, we have to adjust pricing on our products.

    Existing lease users and those who sign up on lease term before Nov 1, 2007 can keep their current subscription prices as long as the subscriptions stay active.

    For more details,
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    Neoticker would need almost 3 minutes to backtest on a single stock 10 years of daily data.
    This can´t be correct.
  4. The comparison used the script language in NeoTicker to implement the system. It is well known to our users that the script languages are used for prototyping only.

    Doing that can make someone looks good I guess. :)

    If the system is implemented in NeoTicker's formula language, you get 30 to 50 times the speed.

    And, if the system is implemented in our IDL object model, which can be written in any standard programming language like C++ or Delphi you can get many times the performance of our formula language. That is something none of the other platforms can beat because NeoTicker can work with the fastest code generated by the best compilers available.

    NeoTicker saves every orders you placed, and every trades executed during the historical run and in real-time. That means, it is a true order to transaction based model that you can really implement a trading system with control. The system you backtest is the system you are going to deploy. So there is a big difference between what other platforms called backtesting, comparing to NeoTicker's backtesting.

    What is optimized is another big question. NeoTicker saves all the system results in a database for further analysis, not a single goal based filter than gives you just the best N cases. Again, it is apple to orange comparison.

    Since NeoTicker is designed for professionals, we do expect them to have experience using other platforms first. When they outgrow those platforms, NeoTicker becomes the choice for deployment of their trading systems.

    The most important thing for a user is to find a tool that fits their need. Trading software is not something that's "one size fits all". Each has its own advantage and disadvantage. If you find another platform fits your need, then go for it.
  5. These benchmarks are fake. Do your own and you will find the truth.
  6. Dear Mr. Willis,

    Neoticker would not need as much as 3 min. to backtest 10 years of daily data. Below, are the calculations showing how:

    1. You have considered backtesting 10 years of daily data, which gives us ~ 2500 bars (there are about 2500 trading days in 10 years, that is , 2500 daily bars)

    2. In our optimization we used 170,000 bars. This is 68 times more than what you used: 170,000/2500 = 68.

    3. In our tests, we used 378 simulations. Backtesting involves 1 simulation only.

    4. Summarizing the above we have:
    68 times more bars in our test than in yours
    378 our simulations vs. your 1 simulation
    11,740 seconds - our test results
    Which yields:

    5. 11,740 sec/ 68 / 378 = 0.4567

    That means that a single simulation for 2500 bars takes ~ 0.5 sec.

    Your calculations might have involved one of the following erros:

    1. 378 simulations might have been overlooked.

    2. optimization and backtesting are two different things. Backtesting involves a single simulation, while optimization involves multiple simulations - each for a particular set of parameters. So when you compare backtesting and optimization the number of simulations must be taken into consideration.
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    Sorry, I overlooked that it´s an optimization. I only saw "170,000 bars".
    My fault.
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