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  1. As I am new to this site may I say hello to one and all. Is anybody using the NeoTicker software, if so what do you think about it.


  2. Checking it out as we speak.

    So far, I have found it to be very stable, works like it should (to the extent that I know what it should be doing), and seems to have all the functionality I would ever know how to use.

    But.. I am having a hard time figuring out how to use the backtesting part. It uses a script programming language, and I don't know the syntax. I probably will be able to get it sooner or later, but it looks to have a stiff learning curve.

    The documentation is good as far as how to use Neoticker itself, but seems sparse in how to write programs.

    Anyone here willing to point us to some relatively simple programming examples of how to write for Neoticker?

    I have tried visiting the Yahoo group, but Yahoo is so freaking difficult to use what with constantly being thrown into the ad pages, and poor navagation tools. :(
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    Great piece of software - in the works. I have been using it for a year now and it does things no other program can do. However, unless you are a programmer the scripting is difficult to get your arms around. Again, if you are capable in this area it has built in capabilities that are impressive. There should be a detailed tutorial somewhere, but there is not. I suggested a forum to exchange ideas and examples for trading systems like Wealth-lab has and someone put up a folder on the yahoo discussion site but it has remained empty for a year. Wealth-lab is far superior in this regard. There a literally hundreds of examples from which to learn. Lawrence and the guys at Tickquest need to look at the Wealth-lab model if they are ever going to get people to fully utilize the power of NeoTicker on a broad-based basis.
  4. to the best of my knowledge, and I think I've looked at or used them all, NeoTicker is the most powerful package available ... but there is no free lunch. With all that power comes complexity, and if you don't have some sort of programming background, you will most likely find it quite difficult to use the advanced features of NeoTicker. This program is written by guys who know about trading, and know the deficiencies of the other products currently on the market.

    They are constantly adding new features and are very responsive to User requests. It is also a nice charting package and has lots of features that appeal to the average trader I.e. it can be used to create very simple or sophisticated real-time market scans.

    There are definitely simpler packages to use, so it really depends on what you are trying to accomplish with your trading.



    P.S. I don't work for the company, but do own/use NeoTicker.
  5. Slave2market, Vonk,

    Can you point us to any books/articles that would shed some light on how to program this way?

    Years ago I could program in BASIC and FORTRAN, so I probably could learn enough to get by. But I look at the examples Neoticker supplies, and I look into the source directory, and come away totally confused.

    I cannot believe there is not a step by step tutorial SOMEWHERE.

    I think I am going to need something where every word in every line is annotated and explained. Then I can build on that to gain some understanding.

    Where did you guys learn?

  6. Thanks for the response

  7. Sorry for the delayed reply, I don't visit this forum very frequently. I would recommend learning NeoTicker by going through the help sections very carefully. The scripting interface is designed for power users and is based on object oriented programming ... which is the standard today. I write all my scripts in Visual Basic and if I'm not mistaken, the current beta version will allow you to write your scripts inside the Microsoft Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE). I have not used the beta version yet, but I will definitely welcome this major improvement. You can also write scripts in other languages, but I prefer Visual Basic because once you master it, you can then easily write code for all the Microsoft apps ... it is especially useful with Excel.

    If you don't know anything about object oriented programming, I would recommend you pick up a copy of Microsoft Visual Basic Learning Edition (about $100) and go through the tutorials. If you have some software experience, you should be somewhat dangerous after a couple of weekends of work. There is also a complete reference of Visual Basic Script on the Microsoft web-site: - this is all covered in the NeoTicker help files. You can also go through the NeoTicker Yahoo group and find some good info and ask questions.

    NeoTicker is extremely powerful, even without getting into the scripting languages, so it really just depends on what you are trying to accomplish with your trading. You can use their simplified Formula Language to accomplish most tasks. They should definitely beef-up their on-line help with many more clearly documentated examples, but I think they assume that anybody tackling the powerful scripting interface is familiar with today's programming languages, and therefore does not need much assistance. If you know exactly what you want, you have the option of paying them to create it for you ... this can be money well-spent. In reality, not that many traders will probably use the advanced scripting features, but I'm glad they provide it for those of us who are technically competent and enjoy making trading complicated! :D



    P.S. I'd send you an indicator, but I don't have any that contain detailed line-by-line descriptions. Besides they are very complicated and contain the Holy Grail of Trading! :D

    P.P.S. As I stated before, I own/use a copy of NeoTicker, but am not linked to the company in any other way.
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    We had the folks from TickQuest join us in the Elite Trader Chat Room today. You can now find the chat log Here.

    NeoTicker™ 3.0 was released earlier this month and includes and interesting new product... Trend Explorer ES, which is a real-time trend identifier that is designed specifically to help you trade S&P e-mini future contracts.

    The chat focused on two main topics:

    - Daytrading E-minis using NeoTicker's unique "Trend Explorer ES" together with multiple time frame charting.
    - Daytrading stocks using quote windows with formulas, multiple time frame charting, chaining, etc.

    And as is always the case with ET Chats, after the presentation they stuck around and responded to member questions. Thanks to those who came.

    ET Chat Guy
  9. You can try using BackTest EZ, an indicator/trading system provided with NeoTicker.

    You can simply fit formulas into BackTest EZ as the entry and exit signals for long trades and short trades.


    xabove (data1, xaverage (data1, 50))

    is the cross over of the price data over its 50-period EMA.

    You can get the result at once without going into details of NeoTicker's object model programming. You can even save your systems created in BackTest EZ - simply save the parameter set to a file.

    There are other parameters for you test out various basic exit strategies and money management against your entry signals.


  10. Any RealTick / TAL support in the works?
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