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  1. Eros


    Hey guys,

    I am wanting to sell my copy of Neoticker which is in my opinion one of the best trading platforms available in its class.

    Have a look at for further info.

    This comes with the original CD and the Aladdin usb security key. However, all you need is the key as the latest version is downloadable on the tickquest site.

    If you are interested please let me know or if you have any questions :)
  2. Eros


    Open to any reasonable offers.....
  3. damo484


    Is it RT or EOD?
  4. Eros


  5. Jakester


    I would be interested in taking it. Reply to me by seperate post.
  6. Did you check with Tickquest if you can sell a license? It probably doesn't matter since it will work with the USB-key, but when you want to a upgrade to a future major release, there might be problems.
  7. Eros


    Already checked. No problems at all, all remains the same. Much better than other software vendors from my experience.

  8. Eros


    Any offers accepted now, I don't really mind.
  9. if its the best platform available, why is it being unloaded for any offer?

    Where is the page on their website that says a license may be resold?

    Given you have 5 total posts, all on this thread, how is the person paying for it going to be assured that a) they will get this in return b) they will be getting a legal, transferable item? c) their money won't disappear?
  10. Eros


    Email Tickquest to ask about license transfer if you are so inclined. They will tell you the same thing.

    I no longer need this platform for my trading as I am using a custom platform.

    Use paypal, they offer a buy protection program. My post count somehow represents my intentions to complete the proposed arrangement??
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