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  1. After some wild multi week jungle expedition, I think I fallen in love with Neoticker. Though Im not realy a TA freak I like their, IMO easy to use, indicator integration into quotescreen. Dont understand the writings aboutsteep learning curves; its very straightforward. Much easier than learning Excell or Access etc..

    Im not quite sure how it will behave using multi-chart setup. Im working behind four 26 Inch screens as I like watching many stocks on chart at the same time; making the right picks.

    I hate the windows based charts and fortunatly I could turn it off in NeoTicker. For charting I first looked ad QuoteTracker. Charting is cool but their quotescreen doesnt meet up with my needs(some Stoch and RSI manupilation; add some math in collumns) and like I said: I dont like the surrounding windows(waist of space).

    I tried Lightspeed demo for months. Nice charts and easy to integrate as many charts as you like. Its a shame they cant answer some simple questions so I have to look elsewhere..

    How is NeoTicker going to handle, filling my four screen? Is it smart to integrate IB trading within Neoticker or better to trade from their platform? Ive quadcore; fast connection and subscribe IQ tomorrow.

    Any other suggestions or pitfalls?
  2. I'm using Neo since years, IMO the most flexible piece of trading software $1000 can buy.

    You wont have trouble filling your 4 monitors with charts/tables. The IQfeed interface is works as intended.

    It sounds like you want to use Neo as orderentry platform for IB. Altho it can connect to IB and submit orders, manual order entry is the one thing that is not very good in neo. The orderinterface is commonly used to submit orders from automatic trading systems. If you are a discretionary shortterm trader, id rather use something like ninjatrader or tt. Neo is very good for charting, tables of all kinds, general programability and much more, but not manual orderentry.
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    Did you encounter any instabilities with Neoticker?
  4. No. I'm using charts, quoteboards and dynamic tables and runs 24/5 without problems. But i don't do heavy load stuff like update-by-tick calculations for a 1000 symbol universe or something like that.
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    I agree with the previous poster regarding trading from the screen with Ninjatrader. Their "Screen Trader" is pretty nice, you can move stops by moving the line on the chart.. they have the automated strategy for exiting with a limit order /stop order bracket... I can't trade that way very well but if I had to, it would be so far better than trading from TWS...

    I'm reading up on Sierrachart, they seem to have a similar facility and are probably a higher quality software in a lot of ways from Ninja... I trialed Sierra and it could back fill a chart very nicely from IB, Ninja was terrible at that, it wouldn't get todays tick data for example, I'd open a range bar chart which required tick data and it would not get me today's history... afraid to ask IB for data I guess, shy sort of, timid too :(

    I'm keeping a spreadsheet for evaluating softwares, it's so incredibly complex regarding which ones have which features, which ones do features well and which don't, which are stable and which aren't... I read reviews of software where I'm sure the problems weren't even related to the software a lot so reviews can be of only modest help...

    Neoticker is going to be able to handle more issues in a later version, currently they can scan about 200 with DTNIQ I was told by their support...
  6. Thank you both very much for the helpfull information!! Seems like a big hurdle for every beginner to pick the appropriate software..

    Ive been learning and lerning for half a year now tested realtime and comfortable to be profitable now. Yes, in many occasions it will be on the shortterm in fast markets. Im aware I have to learn this so will start trading just one stocks at the time at the beginning; using tight stops allways. When I feel comfortable I like to trade two or three trades at a time. Hope it will quiqly adapt. Its the thing I feer most of all.. I wasnt raely aware of the trading by chart oportunities it could probable fit me well.

    I have to take a closer look at Sierra-charts this week. Cant quite remember. Perhaps it was their website..
    Tried Ninja but quiqly removed. Very poor equiped IMO.

    I wasnt aware of the 200 limit scanning NT's side. You meen you cant put around 500 stocks in a quotescreen?

    More to follow..
  7. The use of some Attach Automatic Stop Order is like the holy grale for me as well. I like to get out fast when im wrong perhaps try again later.

    Figured out stops slow markets. Still bit puzzled on the stops to play in fast markets. Like to get out fast but not that fast and prefere not at if possible! This is what they dont tell you anywhere.. Any of you some advise on this story as well??

    "I'm keeping a spreadsheet for evaluating softwares"

    Oh dear, I feer Ill end up like that as well..
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    Many place stops just outside the entry bar... if you are looking ahead for a profit only a bar or three that makes some sense...

    The complexity of the software scene cannot be understated... I have not found one software that excels at everything, I'm looking at Sierracharts for charting and Openquant for testing... Sierracharts doesn't really backtest, they can replay data at a higher speed and you can test with that but you can't optimize other than repeating the test manually, and it's not going to be fast enough to test a lot of variables... the advantage of two packages is voting, if a system tests out good on one package and you can duplicate performance on another, there is a lot less worry about the quality of test results....
  9. Thank you very much!! This has been very usefull informaton to me.

    If I have very strong feelings a might play for some longer than three bar; otherways I quiqly seal profit. Some occasion might attach some running stop canceling the initial static one if it survived.

    I try to catch at least one good run witch I usualy do(more often two). Most of the time Im out a couple of times as well before catching some. I dont cear..

    This is the rest of the story I wrote in some other tread. Very much appreciate some more guidelines!!

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    Neoticker (NT) has a big learning curve (as do other software packages) - but it doesn't always do want they say it does. That has been the most frustrating things for me with NT. E.g., NT advertises that you can replay past data for practice purposes for the market as a whole. That will probably not work. I say probably, because once in a blue moon it will.

    Windows frames can be made to disappear in NT freeing up lots of screen real estate.

    Manual order entry is ok, with fairly complex orders (e.g. conditional orders, repeating bracket orders, ....).

    NT is an amazing piece of software which will often freeze up though - especially if you want to run 4 screens filled with charts. Be prepared for lots of debugging. Don't take any charts for granted as there will be lots of data missing (which is not apparent at first - hitting the F11 button at least 4 times in a row will have to become routine ....).

    Backtesting is really slow, better go with Amibroker. Optimizing is an extra 1 grand or so.

    No software is perfect so see how much and what kind of pain is acceptable to you, and choose the software accordingly. See the NT forum on Tickquest's website for the problems and solutions which their customers have. Also, check how big their customer base is, as well as the frequency of the postings and responses. To see the popularity of the product, check how many companies make plugins for NT vs plugins for Tradestation, etc.

    I used to run NT with IB and Esignal. I don't anymore. The high cost of maintenance, in terms of time and studying the software (the user's manual is 2000 pages plus and its examples tend to be too simple, very few good code examples float around on the web) is making me switch to some thing else.

    For the various forums which cater to NT check the following links

    Good luck
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