NeoTicker 4.10 supporting 2 more data vendors

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  1. We are proud to announce the addition of the following data vendors in NeoTicker 4.10,

    - RealTick (with RealTick Pro Plus subscription)
    - QuoteSpeed (with CAPI or SAPI subscription add-on)

    We've made available a demo version of 4.10 so that users of these data feeds can test drive the combination.

    Here is the direct link to the download page,
  2. just21


    When is the IB 5 day backfill version coming? A new version, 851 of tws standalone, should be out this weekend.

  3. mmillar


    When will you be able to optimise strategies?
  4. Could you start a separate thread with your question?

    This is suppose to be an announcement message only.
  5. Seems like while I type, questions are getting through ...

    Currently, IB's streaming data is supported through DDE, and order routing through their ActiveX API.

    Until we merge the 2 together, similar to what we are doing with MB Trading's data/order server plug-in, new features from IB will not be added.

    Unlike other data vendors and brokerages, IB is not cooperating with us thus making it very hard to support their "API" properly.

    I think if they have a few more releases down the road, their historical data API will be mature enough for integration. That may take months before we get anything stable enough to work with.


  6. You can already do that with just NeoTicker alone.

    If you are thinking of a more automatic approach, then, the Grid Optimizer, an add-on tool for NeoTicker, is scheduled to be released in beta during the NeoTicker 4.1 release cycle.

    Our clients will probably get their hands on the Grid Optimizer's beta version first.


  7. box


    When will the EOD version become available again?
  8. Congrats LC -- you guys do a great job.
  9. We'll offer NeoTicker EOD when we have completed porting features from NeoTicker 4.

    Check our site for update about NeoTicker 4 EOD release schedule.


  10. Thanks.
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