Neocons manufacture terror threats for political gain.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bsmeter, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. bsmeter


    Down in the polls?! Need to pass an even more Orwellian law??!! well then. Just Manufacture another terror threat.

    As far as Ziocons are concerned, there can never be too much terror.

    Based on prior Ziocon history on this issue, we can all assume more manufactured "threats" are being cooked up by the CIA and the MI5 for this November leading up to the American elections.

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    Terror is a gift that keeps on giving for the shameless and corrupt Ziocons. Americans need to ask why Ziocons are busy behind the scenes stone walling all terror investigations and then say they're trying to stop it!!!
  2. Just one more in a never ending string of idiotic posts by bsmeter.

  3. idiotic?

    why 9/11 investigations were so poorly conducted and why bush was against the commission responsible to shed more lite into the events?
    why the cunt didnt even want to testify to the commision? why is 9/11 case closed and nothin' has been done to find the real people responsible for the attacks?

    why tons of evidence was destroyed or made disappear?
  4. bsmeter


    Another shameless COCK SUCKING Bushit faggot who hates the world.

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