Neocons, it's over.

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  1. Deal with the reality that the lilly white, father knows best, America is gone, and it will not be coming back.

    John McCain is a liberal rebublican who roundly defeated his more conservative rivals.

    Barrack Hussein Obama, will be the nominee for the dems, Hillary will win Pennsylvania, but Obama has a 21 point lead in N. Carolina.

    Interracial marriages are becoming common, indeed, the dems nominee is interracial.

    Give up Neocons, it is officially over.

    America will be a bilingual country within 20 years, Dora and Diego are already preparing your kids.

    It is time to adapt, Neocons.

    Good Luck.

    I will be posting articles from around the world to herald your defeat from time to time.
  2. somebody doesn't understand what a neocon is.
  3. That's the beauty of ET. Educate me. Where I live, Neocons are racist, backwards throwbacks to the fifties. You know, Bush Mimbaugh, Mike Ravage, Don Mannity, Bob O'Filey. These are Neocons. A bunch of old white guys wishing for the power that they see slipping away, day by day.

    So, tell me, who are these people?

    They are Neocons, that's what they are.
  4. Oh, and I forgot, Matt Fuchanon.
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    Ratboy88 is correct.
  6. Gord


    So you live in Chicago and go to Reverend Wright's church...
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    So we have yet another panty waist bleeding heart liberal rejoicing in the decay of America.

    I think somebody just doesn't understand - period.
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    The Neocons are about to go the way of the dodo. What they don't yet realise is that it is WASP, middle-class, 2.4 kids and white picket fence Jon and Jane Doe who are going to push them into social and political extinction. They are finally beginning to see the chickens of Neocon economic policy come home to roost - foreclosure, bankruptcy, soaring bills for basic necessities, recession, gas prices through the roof, stagnant job market, whilst a bunch of billionaires who created this whole mess get $100s of billions in welfare as their payoff.

    Middle American will not stand for this, and the neocons are inextricably linked to the Bush administration, which will inevitably be blamed for it.
  9. It does feel like it doesn't it?

    Suspect that we see a return to a progressive income tax as a means of social engineering to reduce the "gap between rich and poor" as measured by the GINI index. However, this probably won't change the fortunes of those who have already accumulated their millions...

    Man, everything feels like the 70's redux. Is obama the next carter?
  10. both had Bzrezinski as their handler. obama's advisers are all uber globalist.
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