Neo Nazi Gangs in Israel

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    Police crack first neo Nazi cell ever discovered in Israel
    By MATTHEW KALMAN - More by this author » Last updated at 14:23pm on 10th September 2007

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    It seems almost unthinkable in the homeland created by the Jews after the terrors of fascism.

    But Israel has a cell of neo-Nazis, accused of a string of attacks on foreign workers, orthodox Jews, drug addicts and gays.

    The immigrants from the former Soviet Union are all Israeli citizens and have been arrested in connection with 15 assaults.

  2. You "forgot" to mention that while they are indeed Israeli citizens they are not jews, they are christians and ethnic russians.
  3. The info is in the article, do do...

    Man, you sure do have a persecution complex.

  4. My Jewish grandson's no Nazi, says Holocaust survivor
    Mon Sep 10, 2007 2:28PM EDT

    By Rebecca Harrison

    PETAH TIKVA, Israel (Reuters) - She escaped the Holocaust at age six by hiding from the Nazis under a pile of dead bodies in her Ukrainian village.

    Now the Israeli pensioner's grandson stands accused of joining a neo-Nazi gang which allegedly attacked Orthodox Jews in Petah Tikva in metropolitan Tel Aviv and painted swastikas across the walls of the local synagogue.

  5. Quote from ZZZzzzzzzz:

    Man, you sure do have a persecution complex.

  6. Right... Having a jewish grandparent does not make him a jew by jewish or any other reasonable standards. Ironically the only standard according to which someone with a quarter of jewish blood is considered to be jewish is the Nazi definition of the Arian race. I am not surprised you share the Nazi views on who is jewish but for the rest of the world the scumbag is a Christian and self-admitted Nazi so what his grandparent think about it is kinda irrelevant, isn't it? I am sure you and him would make good friends though. Still missing Publisher, aren't you Z10?
  7. Insane ramblings of someone who suffers from a persecution complex.