neil cavuto annoys me

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Satan, Sep 28, 2001.

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    just had to get that out.
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    take it easy man. what else is new ??

    if you compile a list of annoying ones (Neil, Wolf, Oreilly, Dan Rather, All the CNBC crew except Liz Claman), and a list of enjoyable ones ( Jennings, ?)

    I am sure the first list is much longer.
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    actually, if you meant bill o'reilly from fox news, i love that guy! i agree with a lot of what he says...not everything though. for example, he's religious (don't get me started). anyway, as for the cnbc people, i actually like them all pretty much. tyler m. is probably my favorite.
  4. is TheMan...

    Do you have a channel changer on your TV and do you know how to use it?


    Prior to joining FNC, Cavuto anchored and hosted more than three hours of live daily
    programming for CNBC, including the network's highest rated program, Market Wrap,
    as well as Power Lunch and Business Insiders. He also served as a contributor to
    NBC's Today Show as well as NBC News at Sunrise, while at CNBC. His 20 years of
    financial reporting include stints at PBS' Nightly Business Report, where he served as
    a New York bureau chief, Investment Age Magazine and the Indianapolis News.
    Cavuto has covered some of the most important business stories of the last two
    decades, including the 1987 stock market crash, the AT&T breakup and the Union
    Carbide chemical disaster in India.

    Cited as "CNBC's toughest inquisitor," Cavuto was ranked among the most influential
    business journalists in America by The Journalist and Financial Reporter. He was
    also nominated for five CableACE awards. He has been voted the best business TV
    interviewer for four years running.

    ReadThis....gotta love Neil...I NEVER miss him!,2933,35365,00.html

    He IS TheMAN!!!!....IMHO always,

    GoodInvesting, Rocky
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