Negro vs negro for President?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by jakejones, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. If Cain gets the nomination, it will be Cain vs Obama Husein... what the fck is happenin to our once great country?
  2. Whats wrong with 2 black or any minority candidates ?
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    As the kids say, "don't feed the troll, k thx bye."
  4. LOL !!!
  5. Because this country is going down no matter what, and we sure as hell dont want a white man at the helm when it happens!
  6. Well we should get a Chinaman to rule the USA and then join forces with China to rule the world.
  7. Negro vs negro for President?


    When you had two heavyweight boxing champs in the ring. did it matter? No. Why not? The white people have all the money.

    Money, power and influence is in the hands of white people, there's absolutley no chance of them losing any of that with a black president.

    There is curretly no shift in power with Obama in office. Where's Obama's jobs bill, doa. Where's health care bill? doa.

    Just saying.
  8. How come we never see any asians running for president? Hmm...makes you think.
  9. Deval Patrick 2016 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Because they aren't an entitlement class like blacks.
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