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  1. SnowMafia


    New to trading, I am wondering how much room there is for negotiating a starting salary. Will trading firms generally work with you to some extent or are they pretty fixed? I imagine this depends on a few factors (which firm we are speaking of and how many offers you have)?

    Say you have an offer or two (with extremely fair salaries and benefits already), what is a reasonable percentage above what was offered to ask for? Or should you even be asking? I feel that justifying asking for higher pay is hard due to the fact that your bonus will reflect why (if you even should) receive a higher wage.

    I would appreciate any insight into this subject.

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  2. syrre


    The way I look at it:
    No need to push it in the beginning, if everything works out great and they want to keep you theres plenty of room for negotiation later.
  3. SnowMafia


    Makes sense. That is along the lines of my reasoning. Thanks for the response.