Negotiating Commissions

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  1. What have you found to be the best way to negotiate a better rate?
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    do more volume.
  3. Give consideration to self-clearing. :cool:
  4. Okay let me give a little detail about it.

    I have a new account with no volume. This place met some very special requirement I needed, hence using them and not someone else with lower commissions.

    The thing is they are about double the going rates of everyone else.

    Should I just point out that they are double?

    None of the other places require volume in any sort.
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    Who is your broker?
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    How much volume do you expect to do per month? What asset classes do you trade? What else would you like to tell us so we can make a suggestion?

  7. Really you need to negotiate before you fund an account.

    Once it funded, you have agreed on a rate and they have little reason to change it.

    The way to negotiate is to tell them what you will pay and not send money until they and you settle on a final rate.

    You can threaten to leave but you have to mean it for it to be credible.
  8. You are asking about the best way.

    The best way is to reach an agreement to have the proper phone number and then personally handle poviding the rate to be used as you instruct the desk.

    Since you ask, it is not possible for you to achieve my answer to your question.

    For the above circumstance, the goal of your broker is to use the information you provide. For your broker to have the information you provide and to be able to best use that information you provide, he has to give you a connection whereby his operation can then make use of this valuable informed contemporary contextual information.