Negotiated TOS/ThinkOrSwim Commissions

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    Curious as to what commissions you got for trading options/stocks & futures. Also would be helpful what volume/commissions you generate.

    I currently have 1.25$ for options, have not negotiate stocks/futures pricing.

    Heard 1$ for stocks/options and 2.5 for futures. Infact someone mentioned .95 cents for stocks (not very sure) though.

    Appreciate any responses
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    Anybody, any thoughts
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    Looks like the responses got deleted, not sure whether it was against site rules.. The only responses to this thread I was able to see were those sent as PMs.
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    well, can you share with the rest of us what you discovered?
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    Of the 2 pms that I got, it was on the same lines

    1.00$ to 1.25$ commission per contract
    1.00$ for 100 shares.

    Again, I was informed it was based off volume and also the rates offered are discretionary (so depends on your luck)
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    Well looks like TDAmeritrade is really tightening the belts, the commissions rates are no longer as flexible as before.

    Finally here are my commission rates
    options: 1.25$ per contract (happy with it, had it for a while)
    stocks: 3 dollar minimum with .0125/share.

    I was really interested in the 1$/100 shares for daytrading, as I like to get in/out with 100 share lots. Anyway, lightspeed is still my broker for stocks then :)
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    TOS for stocks i was able to get it 7 unlimited shares but that was 3month ago
  8. lakai


    $4 rt ($2 each side) for futures.
  9. Volume?
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    I don't even trade futures on TOS anymore. I think i'm grandfathered in from 2 years ago.
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