Negativity + Stupidity= Horrible January 2008

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  1. Who could have thought that stock market almost went into the clutches of drooling per-ma bears and short seller for months and years to come?

    They scared you with horrible stories, they implanted fear and panic and molested your minds with something that is not even true that a RECESSION is coming. That " R" words is the king of all fears and they backed that knife in your back right when your were slumbering out of your drunken New Years parties and falling on your porch drunk at night. They tore your legs apart with stories that were mere illusions, lies ,and total myths. They talked you into a near collapse of our great country's economy didn't they? In kind you returned the favor and did what they wanted you to do.. sold your stocks and hard earned dollars and enriched a bunch of greasy fat cats sitting behind those desks somewhere in New York's high rises. Those short sellers and program traders, institutional sharks and pinstriped bandits on Wall street preyed upon your booties and took you out to the woodshed and slaughtered your portfolios. You gave it they took it simple as that.

    January 2008 concluded as a horrible month in stock trading for most traders. The market nose dived 15% and more wiping trillions of dollars of wealth and threatening our economy and the financial well being of all Americans.

    As Jim Cramer said today : NEGATIVITY+ STUPIDITY= BUY, BUY, BUY .. what he meant to say was = A horrible January 2008 and lets get over with.

    I am so grateful to people in our Government that they came to your emotional rescue, like a knight in shining armor. They delivered things on a silver platter and with a silver spoon in your mouths. Two hefty rate cuts+ a 161 Billion dollars economic stimulus package in under 2 weeks! I dont know if you even feel grateful to them for what they did to keep you out of your hallucinations.

    Its time to get up like a man and face the world. Stop those what iffing doomsday scenarios since that's the land of confusion and insanity. Stop fortune telling about future since you are no expert and nobody else is either. Stop this negativity and national pastime of pessimism. Without which the day will come when you will be grazing with the bullocks and eating pale yellow grass by a muddy ditch.
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    Why did the fed cut 1.25 basis points in January if everything is so bright ahead?
  5. There is a psychological side of human nature.

    Things were not so bad either, but the sentiment was very very negative as you can read on this forum. I have yet to see a single positive post here in the month of January.

    Fed knew if something is not done to it , it would create a massive financial disaster and " mass asset panic " . With the easing of rates they also crated a psychological pathway.

    Just like in real estate its a psychological recession. People like you think it's not worth buying a home now ,and they can stop buying it for few years, and that creates a negative cycle of recession in real estate, and things tumble downhill.
  6. Been happening forever.. stop whining about it and start profiting from it
  7. The most ridiculous ill informed statement ever on this site. 90% of the traders I know had record or near record month's in January.

    The cash was being handed out left right and center. If you held onto your longs like a deer in the headlights listening to the crap they feed you (the economy is strong, inflation is low, 'we have a strong dollar policy') waiting for the Fed to come save you, you got slaughtered and rightly so.

    The market rewards action, not inaction.
  8. what the hell are you ranting about day? i feel dumber for reading that. :confused:
  9. Admit your negativity + pessimism that almost killed our economy.
    You are not dumb to read it.
  10. day all of your posts lately have been about negativity, i'm sensing a lot more negativity coming from your side of the forum than from anywhere else
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