negatively correlated stocks?

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    Is there any software or website that provides an easy way to find stocks that're extremely negatively correlated to each other?

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    Wow that is awesome, thank you!
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    Great site! Thanks for the link.

  4. The whole stock market is negatively correlated at the moment. Look at some big cap Tech names looks like some one took a dump in anger.
  5. This site has virtually no traffic.

    Hedging highly non-correlated securities...
    Would be clearly more risky than hedging highly correlated securities...
    And a poor choice...
    Because they would be in a different industry ...
    Or a different security type (stocks vs bonds)...
    And that introduces a LOT more variance...
    Especially external variables that would impact one and not the other.
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    Shouldn't the proper terminology for those tables be "High Positive Correlation" and "High Negative (or Inverse) Correlation"? A "Low Correlation" would imply little or no correlation.

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    i understand your point...however, just like newspapers everything on the web (almost) is written at sixth grade level.:)
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