negative thanksgiving sales news + mumbai = gap down friday ?

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  1. that's my take, anyone want to chime in ?
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  3. You didn't hear the news?

    The government has declared down days unpatriotic and has banned them until the new year.
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    I don't have a comment about the gap, but how is there negative Thanksgiving sales news? Black Friday isn't until tomorrow...
  5. Asia's mostly up. Too early to gauge seasonal sales data. I don't see any catalyst for a significant move down on Friday.

    P.S. Buy pullbacks.
  6. P.S. Sell rallies if you aren't stupid

    Dow has gone from 7,392.27 to 8,726.61 with no pullbacks.
  7. Question is, are the attacks that the Intelligent community, (Intelligence, LOL), are preparing for in NYC and Key other cities, going to come true, or is it a false alarm? The Terrorist cells in the US might want to see the 'Playbook" before they decided to strike.

    BUt of course, I forgot. There are no terrorist Cells in America and our cities are safe because an attack has yet to happen.

    markets reaction to the "US" threat, -non-reactive.

    I doubt any gap down, more like chop.

    America is sleeping, majority of sleeping American's voted for OBAMA. Now go back to sleep because Terrorism is not real and it is no threat to our Nation, "isn't that right Mr. Obama and the Libs?"
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    We go lower gotta love bear market rallies. GM, F gets bailed out next week, and the market still hasen't factored the SHTF at citi properly.
    Time to get MASSIVELY short.
  9. ***Cough*** Commercial real estate
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    I'm more predisposed to believe the fact that we are up 1200 pts in 5 days and due for some profit-taking on a light volume day rather than "possible" weak sales data that may come out next week.

    Aside: Went by Best Buy in NYC and there were already people camped out for tomorrow's early open. Looked like days gone past at the old Capital Theater in Passaic. Sales just may surprise you.
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