Negative rates are coming! Just as I thought they would.

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  1. S2007S


    Just as I predicted years ago negative rates will be here! No one thought it was possible!!!!

    The coronavirus crisis has brought another first to U.S. financial markets — negative yields on government debt.

    Yields on both the one-month and three-month Treasury bills dipped below zero Wednesday, a week and a half after the Federal Reserve cuts its benchmark rate to near-zero and as investors have flocked to the safety of fixed income amid general market turmoil.
  2. dozu888


    so when are you gonna stop fighting the fed.

    bitching and moaning aint gonna help.
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  3. The President wanted negative rates, he got them!
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  4. Here4money


    When can I start to get paid if I go borrow?
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  5. You had to go there! Here I was being so PC until you brought up that Mr. Trump thought you get paid to borrow.
  6. easymon1


    Nice job S2007S, what would you say will be the three greatest profitable trading opportunities that your predicted result will produce over the next 90 days and year.
    anybody else?
  7. schizo


    No, everybody knew it was possible. They were just in denial.

    But just what exactly can we expect from negative rate? I can understand 0%, but if they offer -1%, that technically means the bank should pay me 1% interest for every loan I take out.

    BTW if the interest rate is hovering at 0% now, why the f**k are the credit card companies still charging 29.99% interest??!!
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  8. ktm


    If you say something long enough....
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  9. ironchef


    I told you that is the way the USG fund their deficits: Issue enough negative interest rate bonds, they can then live off the interest rate they receive, no corporate taxes, no personal income taxes. If we sell them to the Chinese, the Japanese and the Europeans, they can support us.

    As close to a free lunch as one gets.