Negative NT review followed by a shill review

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  1. What I see as a general pattern by the people on this site is to "offset" a poor review with a shill positive review. I'm more inclined to look then, at the percentage of good ratings versus the percentage of positive ratings.

    If you're looking for why, it's because the NT support people don't know how to backtest for 1 reason, and this thread proves the point:

    Based on reason 1 they don't know how to convert backtests into real time systems.

    If you've never crashed NinjaTrader it's because you don't know how to program, or don't use custom automated strategies.

    I push it to its limit, and I'm pretty sure I found it in tick charts running on daily data simultaneously running on 1000 strategies at once.

    Again, the most recent NT review is obviously shill, and written by someone that may be biased for NT for whatever reason.
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    I read both your threads over on the other forum, and I think the NT support people are correct. I push NT pretty hard and is does not crash, slow sometimes to the point where I kill it. I run on tick charts also and push NT pretty and I haven't had a problem.

    You comment on "If you've never crashed NinjaTrader it's because you don't know how to program" is , false. If you are crashing NT on your custom strategies it is because you are not a good programmer or you are not reading the docs.

    If I were you, I would spend a little more time in learning C#/programming before you really try to push ANY platform.
  3. To my knowledge, you are the only one on this website or anywhere else having this particular problem with NinjaTrader.

    So it looks like the problem is yours, not theirs, and certainly not anyone elses.
  4. Most importantly, how does NT's thread allocation model work ? Is there a separate thread for every symbol or every symbol-strategy combination or ????
    It's a very critical technical issue.
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    I agree with MandelbrotSet. I do want to say my previous comment came off a little harsh. I still stand behind what I said, but I hope you take my comments in a constructive light.
  6. Do you want a cookie for that?
    I imagine most retail software can not handle this.
    You must be a real fun guy to hang out with in person.
  7. I think you all missed the point of posting the thread. I can stand for something crashing when I've programmed something wrong, and I did, but arguing about how to implement a system is what pissed me off.

    They're literally arguing that because the lines are different, that they must not be the same theory. If you think about the code, and you don't understand what the difference is, just go back and think about.

    The last post (in the link) really pissed me off. They have no experience converting a backtest into a real time implementation, and this got under my skin because I've never worked with a forum that didn't understand the difference.

    They strike me as snake oil saleman now, and, again, I wasn't really posting that NT crashes as much as I was about their forum being a "No Support Forum." If they took the time to examine time and sales, which they obviously think they're too good to do, then I can publicly bash them for being morons.

    That's what got me perturbed, more than the crashes, which were probably my fault.

    They missed the fundamental difference of a system that places orders for tomorrow based on today's low in real time actually means place orders today based on yesterday's prices. They didn't want to listen to me about the difference, which is why I can be so vocal about how bad a support forum is when they don't understand that difference.
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    My bad.

    The support people will not try to debug code for people. They tend to avoid it, and I think the support people are more support than traders/developers.

    The will refer you to a consultant for that, which is probably a better place to ask about trading real time etc.
  9. You've upgraded from a Pentium III to a Pentium IV right?
  10. LOL. Yeah, it's as fast as they make them.
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