Negative Interest Rates

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    Has any central bank ever tried to enforce negative interbank lending rates by taxing bank excess reserves to force lending?
    Or through some other method
  2. Isn't that the same thing as inflation? There has been a lot of talk about the unemployment and the inflation effect on the people in Zimbabwe, but I haven't seen anything on how Zimbabwean banks handle the situation.
  3. In the case of banks, negative interest rate would mean that depositors pay the bank to take their money. Yes, it has happened with Swiss Banks I believa in the 1970s during the energy crisis, depositors paid a fee for having the bank keep the money due to the rapid appreciation of the Swiss Franc.

    I don't know if the Swiss Central Bank played a role into this by taxing reserves. Probably.
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    where can I borrow 10 million dollars USD for 1% interest 5 year term with no collateral or collateral?

    it's more like if you are holding cash in your savings account you are gettting nothing very soon.

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    When I heard the announcement of an interest rate cut down to 0 – 0.25% I was sort of in shock. What will they do then when that action does not stop the debacle, will they start paying money to investors or consumers to stimulate spending? It only shows they are really desperate and ran out or are running out of ideas. Not that they have had brilliant ones so far.
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    your getting less than nothing....pathetic yields AND your USD is getting devalued
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    not if other central banks follow suit....a low dollar is competitive in a free trade environment....
  9. Buy cheap solid blue chips, collect dividends write calls.