Negative interest rate (Interactive Brokers)

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  1. Looks like cost is 2%-ish if you wanted the option to lock in today's conversion rate for Dec 2020.
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  2. Daal


    You could organize street riots in the EU, asking for the ECB to raise interest rates. Other than that I dont see how you can do much about it
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  3. luisHK


    Yes, I asked a couple of times a similar question, and got similar answers (some good, thanks all !), donĀ“t see how OP can sort out his problem if he wants to keep all the account balance in cash in EUR and in a single IB account.
    A multimillion EUR balance used fully for futures margining sounds scary btw, but to each their own expertise.
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  4. kotika


    @ciccio, Just some quick remarks:
    1) It used to be that brokers accepted investment-grade bonds as collateral for futures. Even if IB doesnt allow this, bonds are a safe asset which you can sell anytime to fund your margin. These days the method is not so useful as german government bond yields -0.6% but hey thats better than -1%. You can probably still find some short term eurozone corparate bonds yielding positive returns, for example Deutsche Bank, available at IB,
    2) When you think about risk of stocks, bonds, USD, etc, keeping a large sum at IB is also not so great! IB itself has a BBB+ credit rating which is investment grade, but quite low, so this is not risk free by any consideration.
    3) If your bank account in your home country does not yet charge you for keeping the money then move it there, and move it back to IB whenever you need a higher balance for margin. This will be cheaper than paying 1% to IB.
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  5. tonyf


    Very interesting. What is your understanding of seggregation rules if IB goes under?
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  6. Alexpung


    To use IB's credit rating as an indication of fund safety is kind of misleading imo. Sure it is not 100% safe but unlike buying a bond from a company IB is not allowed to use customer money for business operating purpose. Also the customer fund is subject to call anytime unlike a bond in which the principal is only paid upon maturity.
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  7. ciccio


    I agree 100%
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  8. tonyf


    Careful here - We have a good case study in front of us called MF Global.

    I certainly do not agree 100%, but find comfort in segregation.
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  9. ciccio


    I can speak from direct experience because I was involved in the failure of MF Global and also in the failure of Refco. Those who had an account to trade stocks or futures have recovered everything (even if after a long time). Those who had an account to trade on unregulated products (for example forex) lost about 50%.
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  10. kotika


    Segregation is good, money on demand is good, 7B in capital which IB boasts is also good, trading only regulated products is good, and if I didnt know this I would not keep my money at IB. However, when we are talking about an account with a few million in it, a difference between an AA rated bank and a BBB+ rated broker starts to make a big difference.
    @ciccio, is your bank also charging negative rate?
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