Negative GDP tomorrow?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by rc5781, May 28, 2008.

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    How hard will we tank if this happens?
  2. You are asking the wrong question:

    Positive revision, how high will we go tomorrow?

  3. No doubt....
  4. maybe things aren't so bad

  5. What are everyone's thoughts on how a positive/negative will affect the market? I'm new at this, looking for insight if anyone has it.

    Also, does the overnight action mean much on the eve of this report?
  6. I expect a good GDP number knowing that the government doesn't want a recession in an election year. The number will be highly manipulated like CPI.

    Beat GDP expectation (most likely) - up 200 on the Dow
    Meet GDP - up 60 on the Dow
    Negative GDP - down 300 on the Dow
  7. It's funny that almost everyone knows the numbers are manipulated and yet it still has an effect on the market. Guess it's got to have some excuse to move.
  8. That's the effect brought on by the flow of the dumb money.:D
  9. I agree 110% And, if Crude were to trend up as well as a bad GDP number, (I don't see it happening tomorrow), the Dow down maybe 450+ Like my oldest Son would say: "This would suck!":eek:
  10. I would say this;

    1. bad gdp number or bad employment number; but oil inventory will be up insignificant which oil price will fall; then it will be neutral for market.

    2. good/so so gdp number; then oil inventory will be lower; oil price will go higher.

    After all the market will be choppy for sure.
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