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  1. Hi I'm very intrested in becomming a full flegded trader what are the things i will need to start off my little venture into the world of finance (tips, strategies, computing software/systems...?)

    I really am ambitious and I need 45k for my car..
  2. Hi , welcome to the forum. the only thing you can do to gain more experience is looking round this forum for more detail and ask another person what you should do to make profit
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    Lesson no. 1, trading 45K for a car is a really bad trade. Cars depreciate and require insurance. If you must have a car, get something much cheaper or take public transportation.

    Lesson no. 2, the market doesn't give a chit if you want a car or have some other lofty goal. Goals like that phuck with your mind and screw up your trading. You take trades because those are the right trades to take, not because you want something. See Jesse Livermore and his story about trying to get the market to pay for a new coat.
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    that's how i got into trading..that was year 2000..dunno about you,but i had 50K in savings and looking to raise the money to buy used bmw 7 put the money in some mutual funds at the beginning of the march,enjoyed like 5-6% raise in next 2-3 days...and then start learning this trading stuff the hard way..
    today in 1 good month i can make 45K you are looking for..but i don't that fucking car anymore...cause it's piece of metal,which only depreciate in value at ridiculous speed..and i prefer to have something that appreciate..i can make more money out of my money.. i'm looking at the things from totally different perspective...cause of trading..
    prepare for a really long journey,where you are going to pay with your own hard earned money right on spot for EVERY SINGLE MISTAKE you make..
    somewhere on the middle of it you going to say-fuck the car...i don't need it anymore...can i just learn how not to lose my money every day? :p
    compare this trading to regular cant' lose your money on the job..the most you can lose is the is a bit different..
    Good luck to you!
    what car you are looking to buy anyway?
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    Retief-you are 3 minutes ahead of me :)
    probably because english is not my native language and my post a bit longer than yours..but it's really fun to see how similar our perspective on things and trading :)
  6. do you advertise your car ? but any way i think your purpose is very clear
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  8. your stage name will set you up for penetration all the way up to the transverse colon. If you survive this, come back with some well earned humility and rephrase your lalaland question.
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    You have about 5,000 hours and $50,000 to lose before you start making any money ..
    and im dead serious.
  10. Come on now, too obvious...
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