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    Does anyone else have a problem where the audio goes out intermittently? For example, they read the letters of a Nasdaq stock symbol, and you only hear 2 or 3 of the letters?
  2. This is usually the result of your internet connection. When your connection is being taxed by some other application, you will have it sound like a CD that is skipping.

    I used to have NTKN on a machine that ran CQG and it did that all the time. I now have a dedicated VoIP machine. You might want to check to see what is hogging your connection first.
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    Two of my friends use the service, no problems reported by them, They have very good connections though.
  4. Try they have much better sound and broadcasters that seem to know a lot more about the markets. They have not had a problem for on my trading machine for months.

    Besides they are professionals with 8 years experience. Just look at the difference between them at the NY tradeshow--night and day. A friend over at Gelber in Chicago told me these needtoknownews guys did a countdown to economic # that did not even exist on Monday. No professional service would ever make a dumb error like that! come on peeps see the light.
  5. There are a couple of threads on ET comparing the two services. I have used both TTN and NTKN for a while now. I can't speak for the Equities channel; I trade futures and listen to the futures channel. I am there before they come on at 7:00 AM and after they shut down at 3:15 PM or after the last earnings announcement is out. I was there Monday and there was no incident where they counted down to an economic number that didn't exist that I can remember.

    They do make errors every once in a while, but that is part of the business of broadcasting live. It happens at TradeTheNews just the same. In fact, I have several emails between Joe, the president of TTN, and I where I outline some serious mistakes and issues with the service. These messages came back with the attitude of "nobody else is complaining, so we really don't give a hoot. Besides where else are you going to get audio news broadcasts anyway." TTN's announcers sometimes sound like they are trying to talk with a mouth full of cotton. They would say things like, "There are reports of.....[3 second silence].... of an airplane crashing ....[5 second silence] .... in Atlanta." By the first pause, I had already sold a bunch before they come back and say, "It appears to be ...[3 second pause]...a private plane.... an accident" I just want to yell "get the $%^&* news out don't leave us hanging with these stupid pauses. Can't you READ!" Like I said, I just got fed up of paying the enormous fee and complaining to them, so I went elsewhere. Before canceling TTN, I listened to both NTKN and TTN at the same time and I found that the announcements come first on one service or the other without consistency. One cannot say that one is faster at delivering the news than the other. NTKN is faster and more reliable with foreign nnouncements/speakers or geopolitical news.

    Anyway, this is a personal preference issue and I can't provide opinion for the equities channel. The economic numbers are announced across both channels at the same time. You just have to try both and see which one suits your needs. The biggest difference is that with TTN, you will pay more than 4 times as much for the same service. TTN needed NTKN to start reducing prices, to offer incentives to customers, provide a futures channel and show some appreciation for subscribers. For a scalper, the news has to be quick and accurate. NTKN is still new at this but they have done a lot to improve their service.

    These opinions are my objective views and I don't get anything for endorsing one over the other. The best path obviously is just to get a Bloomberg and read the orange line for the hot news as it comes out.
  6. Try starting up the service and listening to it without any other internet applications running. It really sounds like your connection is getting choked up.

    What type of internet access do you have?

  7. I've been using TTN for over three years and their service has been getting progressively worse every month.

    It's actually funny how bad they are. Their only job is to READ THE NEWS, and they can't even do that properly. They should change the name to "Fade The News" because by the time they read it, the whole move has passed.

    I have never used NTKN, so I can't comment.
  8. Longhorns,

    I really have no idea what you are talking about. I have been consistantly on the right side of the market for years with tradethenews Frankly, I wish our other vendors could be half as consistant as TTN. They are rock solid reliable.
  9. What is your relationship with TTN? You don't have to answer, obviously. I respect that. However, I'm curious. You sound like you might have a friend or acquiantance there. Your opinions are quite strong for someone who hasn't tried NTKN or others to provide an objective comparison.

    Your comments remind me of a member named traderdawg whose last post was about this very subject. Any connection?
  10. FuturesTrader71 mentions (above) about how the professional TradeTheNews broadcasters allegedly studdered on a breaking news event as it was happening, but very clearly in other posts says he did not hear n2n news on their equity channel annouce an Economic # this Monday the 14th that DID NOT exist because he "only trades the futures" and listens to the futures channel.

    Shame on you FuturesTrader71! Why don't you buy an ad for your campaign instead of sitting around doing nothing but creating a conversation and then hawking the opportuinity to self promote this 3 month old start-up as superior to TTN?

    You sound like a guy that does not trade anymore and is looking to be a salesman.

    A fine example of the *new* internet where everyone steals from everyone else and then calls it there own. His posts; however are nothing more than stealing ad dollars from ET.
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