Needing a reliable platform without slippage!

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by xero, Nov 4, 2006.

  1. xero


    I'm getting tired of using software which promises so much, but really fks up when it comes down to it. I have a strategy for trading forex on economic news items and need a reliable platform without slippage! I need an entry order that will be triggered and trailing stops which will work! I find that it is pointless asking the various companys (well the ones so far) because they are hopeless and full of BS.
    Please could someone let me know how a well know platform like "Trading Station" is on slippage, reliability etc. I really need a good platform. Your suggestions are much appriciated. Many thanks,

  2. Let us know what comes of any recommended platforms. I suspect that the issue is the strategy's implementability not the platform.
  3. romik


    no slippage on news is impossible to find, there are a lot more market orders coming in. Try X_Trader for speed.
  4. Offering: Zero Pip Slippage USD/EUR forex trades on World Economic News Releases
    Wanted: Pigs that fly
  5. You really expect your software to correct this problem?
  6. mogul


    try buttontrader via interactive brokers. I don't know about zero slip, but the trailing stop technology is top notch
  7. xero


    Thanks for the replies. I am aware that ACM offers "zero slippage" but was just not reliable in entering the anyway. I don't expect the software to correct the problem but do want the best software I can get.
    I'm fairly new to forex and perhaps my strategy is bad, but in the demos my hopes were set high, but in reality the systems (so far) are unreliable. I feel the only way to test these different platforms is to use a real account, so I'm eager to get the opinions on software I need from a third party, prior to moving my money around and being dissapointed (again).
    A few pips slippage is fine but 40/50 is ridiculous. Maybe I'm being naive, but in practice/demos I've never had a problem.
    If trading on news items is possible and people out there are gaining the rewards, could you please let me know what software is reliable in this instance.

    Many thanks,