need working code to send trade signals from AMIBROKER.

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    I need working code to send trade signals from AMIBROKER to trade bullet,button trader,IB controller or any 3 rd party software which transmits orders to broker terminal.No need to send your trading strategy.
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    what are you talking about?
  3. Dude, thats pretty much impossible. The Autotrading code has to be implemented alongside your trading strategy. It's a mess. I don't recommend it.
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    It is not impossible.I have been told that many persons are using it.
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    Aren't you same guy who posted following message in this forum?
    If you are using AB for auto trading pl. share code for transmitting signals to IB controller.No need to disclose your strategy.
    Read your own post.......

    I am very happy with Amibroker. You can automate trading with TWS from Interactive Brokers. This is a great feature.

    AFL is the scripting language that AmiBroker utilizies.
    I can create scripts that search the database of the S&P for stocks that crossed the 50dma for example and email myself the results everyday. I have like 15 scans saved that execute automatically and it saves me so much time.

    I am mostly a swing trader and I do daytrade, long only strategies using 3X leveraged etfs.

    Amibroker software with Interactive Brokers is the best combo in my opinion.

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    I did not know that amibroker could interface with all those different application for autotrading. that is what i meant.

    i naively thought it could only be used for TWS. is this incorrect?
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    here is the code for the amibroker automated trading that I use.
    i am beginner at automated trading but so far it is working well.
  8. try this. I gave up on amibroker sometime ago.
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    what are your reasons for giving up on amibroker. better product someplace else, don't believe in system development, market or trading failures.....i'm curious. thanks.

    oh thanks for posting the code i will take a look at it.
  10. bharatk8,

    Could you forward to mi933c the PM I responded to your similar inquiry?
    Sorry, I am too lazy to retype them.

    Good trading.
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