Need Trading Computer Advice

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by CA04, Apr 20, 2011.

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    Thanks in advance for any feedback - I'm def not an IT person.

    I want to get a new computer used exclusively for trading. I def want to buy pre-built. I don't think I will need much power, below is what it will be used for:

    - exclusively for trading (no photos, movies, internet, news / research / other non-trading software.

    - Trade 100% equities
    - Broker is IB
    - Software: Multicharts, TradeStation
    - Data provider

    My trading style in split between intra/day and holding max 5 days. RTM. Two systems: one strat is 100% automated / other one is discretionary

    I don't scalp... but I do take many of my positions around the open so I can't get a holdup at during high-volume times.

    What's the minimum to get for a prebuilt all-in-one package from Dell/HP/other large vender?

    Thanks for any advice, much appreciated!
  2. How many screens do you want to run?